You’ve Got Mail!


Yesterday our Leap and Bound Academy kindergarten class, taught by Ms. Liliana, went on a extra special field trip, to the Redondo Beach Post Office! Here, we all learned about our postal system and got a special tour of the behind the scenes of what really goes on in our post offices!


Our tour started with learning about what P.O. boxes are and why they are used. In case you didn’t know what why they are still used, there are two main reasons. One is for people who have dogs that will attack the mailman so they can’t deliver their mail. The second reason is for if the owner is on vacation a lot and so they get a P.O. box so their mailbox at home doesn’t overflow and so their mail won’t be lost or stolen.


After that, we went into the employees-only section of the post office to learn about how everybody’s mail gets separated and delivered so the mail always gets to its rightful owner at the address! They showed us a machine, that is in the picture above, which helps the mail carriers finds the correct address for the package to go to. There’s a barcode on the package that after being scanned by the machine above, reads the address out aloud so they know can be one hundred percent sure they know where they’re going.


Next, all of the kids got an amazing surprise, they let all of them go inside of a real life mail truck! The kids got to experience what it is to be real life mail in the back of the truck on its way to being delivered.


Thank you to the Redondo Beach Post Office for letting us take this incredible tour! So next time you have to send some mail, take your child with you so they can tell you all about what they learned at the post office!


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