Winter performances: Day 2

Wednesdays Christmas performances featured Ms. Alma and Ms. Adriana’s classes. First up was Ms. Alma’s class.  Her class made their presence known as they paraded outside shaking their jingle bells.  Ms. Alma’s students, along with some little ones dressed up as reindeer were ready to perform for their loved ones and stir up some Christmas spirit.

Following Ms. Alma’s lead, the children danced along to the songs. The shaking of their bells, spinning in circles, and swaying back and forth while holding hands had their parents smiling from ear to ear.


A big thanks to Ms. Alma and her class for their awesome moves!

Later on, parents had the joy of watching Ms. Adriana’s class sing and dance in their matching Santa hats. Ms. Adriana’s class also showed us choreographed movements that went along with the music. Their performance was perfect for the holiday and made their families proud. Good job Ms. Adriana’s class and thank you for your jolly performance!IMG-4227IMG-4210IMG-4181IMG-4183IMG-4161IMG-4192IMG-4166


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