When I Grow Up…


“I want to be a police officer!”

“I want to be a teacher!”

“I want to make potions!”

A chorus of exclamations filled the room as Ms. Liliana’s Redondo Beach kindergarten students began their lesson on community job roles. To give her students some background information before beginning the activity, Ms. Liliana played a video that explained what it means to have a career. The students spread out on the carpet and listened intently to the informative video, which explained familiar jobs like doctors and teachers as well as more uncommon professions like dog-walkers and voiceover artists.

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At the conclusion of the video, Ms. Liliana directed her students to their desks. She passed out a worksheet to each kindergartener with blank space to draw a picture and several lines for writing. The students were to choose a profession they had seen either in the video or on the class’ jobs bulletin board and write about it. Ms. Liliana’s lesson plan allowed for her young students to practice their spelling, writing, and drawing skills while learning about careers. Incorporating everyday skills into dynamic lesson plans is what makes Ms. Liliana’s kindergarten class so unique! And because of the small class size, Ms. Liliana is able to break up her students into small groups to give each student a more personal learning experience.


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Finding a suitable career takes a lot of time and research, but by the end of the day each student had found a job that they were interested in learning more about. The kindergarteners had a long way to go before they would need to be attending any job interviews, but they were eager and enthusiastic nonetheless! Each child had chosen a career that interested them at this point in their life, and they were curious to learn more about that particular profession.

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Even if they pursue different interests as they get older, the jobs the kindergarteners learned about today helped them learn more about career planning and broaden their world views! After today, Ms. Liliana’s kindergartners will go into the world as more knowledgable members of society!






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