Welcome to the Jungle

Before we get to all the fun and games we have to take a minute and thank Ms. Vee for all of her very hard work on this years graduation set. This year, our graduation is animal themed and at our Redondo Beach location we have our own personal jungle to explore.

IMG_1711The creation of the Leap and Bound Jungle is a very impressive feat. Ms. Vee spent many hours each day in the weeks leading to this special graduation week creating beautiful jungle related objects, only using everyday materials such as cardboard, paper and paint.  She created a purple elephant, groups of monkeys (all accompanied with bananas), an alligator, an anaconda, a giraffe, a safari car, frogs on a log, groups of trees and bushes, and even a waterfall!IMG_1716

But this was no easy task, this took weeks to prepare and create and have every turn out as amazing as it did. So after seeing your children graduate from their class make sure to look out for every single one of her dazzling creations and then thank her when you see her around the school.IMG_1657These animals can use this as inspiration for a new way to have fun with your kids at home. Even though these creations are time consuming the materials are easy to get and will make for a fun weekend for any family. All you need are cardboard boxes, construction paper, paint, scissors, glue and a vision in your head. Other than the scissors and maybe the glue this is a great way to teach your children building skills, artistic skills, and this will help them develop their creative process from turning an animal or object in their head into something amazing and something for them to cherish forever.

Congratulations to our LBA graduating class of 2016!


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