Torrance Rounds Up Kindergartners!

As the sky rumbled and rain drizzled outside, parents and prospective students entered the cozy LBA Torrance location to participate in Leap and Bound Academy’s kindergarten round-up! As warm pizza and refreshments were served, parents gathered to hear about Ms. Liliana’s kindergarten class. Ms. Liliana outlined her curriculum for the class, which included reading, writing, math, science, and social studies subjects following the common core standards. Ms. Liliana also explained extra perks that her current kindergarten students enjoy, such as a 12:1 student-teacher ratio, advanced learning skills like phonics and introduction to fractions, and educational field trips that provide a hands-on learning experience!


Ms. Liliana and the LBA staff have created an innovative kindergarten program that allows students to explore new subjects, engage in hands-on lessons, and keep parents updated on their students’ activities through weekly storyboards, a personalized Torrance kindergarten website coming soon, and this blog! Like Leap and Bound Academy’s Facebook page to stay updated on news and information about LBA’s exciting kindergarten program!



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