Torrance Location Renovation

We are happy to announce that the renovations to Leap and Bound Academy’s Torrance location are almost complete!  The school flooded a few weeks ago and has been temporarily closed for restoration.  The Leap & Bound staff has taken the opportunity to not only fix the water damage, but renovate the bathrooms, floors, and a couple classrooms too!


The school’s floors have been replaced throughout with a brand new dark panelling.  No more mismatched floors – the classrooms and hallways are now outfitted with a uniform, modern flooring.  In the image below, you can see the old flooring on the right with the new flooring showcased on the left.

Remember the old music room?  We’ve torn down one wall to combine it with the neighboring storage room to create an even larger learning area, doubling the previous size!


“One step back, two steps forward”.  The staff at Leap & Bound has taken this advice to heart over the last few weeks, working diligently to restore and reopen the Torrance location as quickly and as efficiently as possible.  The newly modernized school is expected to be open again later this week.


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