Tigi Takeover

Today marked the sixth of seven Leap and Bound Academy Redondo Beach graduations. This afternoon, Ms. Tigi’s class astonished everyone in attendance with their impressive song and dance routine.IMG_1982

As with every graduation ceremony at LBA the class, with a little help from the teacher, sings and dances to a collection of songs based around our company wide theme, this years’s theme being animals.

Ms. Tigi’s class began their performance by dancing to the hit children’s song We Are the Dinosaurs. After this, the continued on by dancing to Walking in the Desert, a good saying the title is very accurate with how we are all feeling here due to Los Angeles’s current intense heat wave. Next came a dance to the tune of of Five Little Monkeys, and if you look closely at our Leap and Bound Jungle you can see all five of those pesky monkeys and see the super quiet alligator that snapped them all up. To finish up, Ms. Tigi’s graduates finished up their graduation by performing the classic nursery rhyme Five Little Speckled Frogs, and if you continue to look closely at our jungle set, you can see the cousin of the speckled frogs, the multi colored frogs, sitting on a speckled log of their own!


Following tradition, the ceremony concluded with a a photoshoot with the kids so the parents can always remember this special day and make sure these memories are never forgotten for both the parents and child alike.

To finish off this memorable morning for all of the families in Ms. Tigi’s three year old class was the class potluck! All of the families brought many different kinds of food for everyone to eat and enjoy. These potlucks are always amazing opportunities for both the students and the parents to socialize with the other members of Leap and Bound Academy and try some new and delicious recipes!


Congratulations to the graduates of Ms. Tigi’s class and we hope to see all of you in the summer program!

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