The Tale of Three Cities

Over the past few weeks, a friendly competition has been brewing between the Leap and Bound Academy schools. Each location was tasked with creating a bulletin board that displayed architectural style to showcase at the school! The rules? Every class must contribute to the project in a unique way. The LBA location students and staff who display the most creative, architecturally aesthetic bulletin board win!

As the competition began, each location’s staff gathered to decide how they would incorporate architecture into their bulletin board. The Medical Center location decided to recreate the Eiffel Tower, a famous structure known for its iconic architecture. Every class contributed to part of the magical Paris scene by helping make a piece of the bulletin board, ranging from the popsicle-stick foundation to glittering snow around the borders. In the photo below, Ms. Dinah adds the finishing touches to the Eiffel Tower- a grove of mossy trees!


Over at the Redondo Beach location, students and staff were hard at work creating their own themed bulletin board, aptly named the Bridge of Success! The Redondo Beach classes worked together to create a beautiful bridge scene that wrapped around a corner wall of the school. Complete with fluffy cotton ball clouds, car-filled roads, colorful towns, and a river full of friendly sea creatures down below, the creative bridge showcased a pleasant city scene!


The staff at LBA’s Torrance location decided to model their bulletin board after iconic architectural structures in New York City! Each class was assigned one famous building or landmark in NYC to recreate. For example, Ms. Shama’s students created the Plaza Hotel using cardboard tissue and recycled snack boxes. The end result was a stunning New York City skyline featuring famous icons of the Big Apple.


All of the schools created bulletin boards that demonstrate beauty and creativity- but which LBA location stands out the most? Comment below who you think should take home the prize in this friendly architecture competition 🙂


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