The Great California Shakeout!

13923718_621323401378792_3576388850134420023_oDid you take part in the Great Shakeout? Every year, schools throughout California participate in a state-wide earthquake drill to test emergency preparedness. LBA was no exception, and today our preschool students put their knowledge of safety to the test!

The drill came as a surprise to our Leap & Bound Torrance students, who were immersed in their morning lessons when Mrs. Mary and the office staff began ringing bells at 10:20am. Our students and faculty recognized the ringing bells and confidently began the drill; they stopped what they were doing and held protective positions under their desks. LBA kids are taught to protect their heads and necks while securing themselves under a strong foundation (like a desk!). Although the event was a surprise, the drill itself was familiar to students: LBA conducts routine earthquake drills every six months to ensure the safety of both children and faculty in the event of a crisis.

At the conclusion of the earthquake drill, teachers practiced standard evacuation procedure by leading their students out of the building. Students organized themselves, with the help of their teachers, into single-file lines and walked calmly outside to the blacktop in an organized manner. The school directors used their daily sign-in sheets to take attendance of the students. Parents: Don’t forget to sign your child in when you drop them off! In the event of an emergency, sign-in sheets are used to account for each student.


After making sure that each student was present and accounted for, Mrs. Mary congratulated the kids and staff on a job well done! Living in California comes with the unpredictability of earthquakes, but with practice drills every six months, our LBA students feel safe and prepared!


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