Thank You Teachers!

October 5th is a very special day for of all of our spectacular teachers here at LBA: It’s World Teachers’ Day! The day is celebrated to create awareness, appreciation, and understanding for the hard work that teachers around the world do for education and development.


The beginning of the holiday dates back to 1994: UNESCO (United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organization) founded the holiday on October 5th because on the same day in 1966, the UNESCO/ILO Recommendation was passed. The recommendation set forth the rights and responsibilities of teachers, as well as international standards for their initial preparation and further education, recruitment, employment, teaching and learning conditions. The holiday will be celebrated around in the world in major cities such as London, Paris, Rome, New York, and San Francisco.


Here are some fun ways for you celebrate the holiday, no matter what age or grade you’re in. This is perfect for the littlest of preschoolers to the biggest of high school students.

  1. Give your teacher an Apple! Although somewhat stereotypical, what teacher wouldn’t enjoy a shinny red apple to start their day?

2. Coffee!! What’s the drink that your teacher has every morning? There’s nothing that a teacher enjoys more than a cup of coffee to launch them into teaching their students! Bringing in some fresh coffee, or a gift card to Starbucks or Coffee Bean, will always brighten up a teacher’s day!

3. Probably your teacher’s favorite gift would be that you come to school happy and ready to learn! There’s nothing that can make school more fun than being prepared and excited for school!


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