Thank You Redondo Beach Fire Department!

Wee! Woo! Wee! Woo!

The sounds of a firetruck’s sirens electrified the students and they couldn’t wait to see a real firetruck in person! To conclude fire safety week for Ms. Liliana’s kindergarten class and Ms. Vee’s exiting class, the students had a special visit from the Redondo Beach Fire Department. The firefighters gave them a tour of the big red firetruck along with a lesson on important principles of fire safety.

The firefighters began with a presentation of what a fire fighter does and how they operate the big red fire engine. Students were eager to answer the fire fighter’s questions and show how much they knew about fire safety. The fire fighters were impressed with how the students wanted to learn more about how their truck works. Following the presentation on the basics of fire fighting, the truck’s engineer Brad showed the students all the tools and equipment that they need to carry just in case of a fire such as the air tanks, different hoses, the protective clothing, etc.



After going over the basics tools and layout of the fire engine, the engineer and captain Jason continued to show the back of the engine where the all fire hose equipment is stored. They described why they would use various lengths of hose and demonstrated how it works. They gave each student the opportunity to hold the fire hose and operate the lever (they disabled the hose so no water went to waste).


As the fire fighter were giving their final demonstrations to the students, they got a call on the radio and they were gone with in minutes. They got a call for an emergency in the area making the fire fighters have to leave early. But in the rush the students were able to see how they get ready for an emergency call. The visit and abrupt call was an exciting way to conclude fire safety week for the students! LBA can’t thank Captain Jason, Engineer Brad, Firefighter Kyle, and the Redondo Beach Fire Department for this wonderful lesson.

Check out the video of the lesson!


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