Summer’s Sweetest Treats


Leap and Bound Academy is coming to you straight from the vine! The scoop is in, one of the best parts of summer is the fresh fruits and veggies! LBA focuses on eating healthy and including fruits and veggies in our dishes we serve year round, but summer calls for some EXTRA special treats!

When the sun comes up, the fruit falls down! Each season offers a different selection of fresh produce, but we often forget to take advantage of the season’s specialties. Not only will the produce be better if you buy it in season, but it’s also cheaper! LBA believes that by eating foods while they’re in season that you can save money, eat better, and enjoy a tastier summer!

That brings us to the questions, what fruits exactly are in season? Well, we’re in luck because some of our favorites such as blueberries, cherries, and blackberries are basically falling off of the vine! Some other tasty fruits are cantaloupe, grapes, and mangoes. To add to all these delicacies, we have avocados, green beans, corn, and cucumbers. With these fresh ingredients, your family style salads will be that much better!

Now since we know some of the options, we start to wonder what to make. Should we make a big salad, smoothies, or a healthy sweet treat! Luckily, with these ingredients we can make them all! LBA has a couple easy and SWEET recommendations on how to put the fresh produce to work!

1.LBA believes that you can have a sweet treat without artificial sugars! Kids have enough energy already and artificial sugars are not the healthiest option. Freezing a bag of grapes and serving them as a refreshing snack is the perfect alternative to a popsicle! It’s easy, refreshing, and tastes just like bite size slushies!

2.Ever craving a shake? We’ve got the cherry best one! Here’s what you’ll need for two cherry “milkshakes”.

+3 cups of frozen cherries

+1 cup of vanilla greek yogurt

+1 cup of vanilla almond milk

(serves 2)

Being healthy should not be hard and with these “milkshakes”, it couldn’t be easier. Surprise your little ones with “milkshake” Mondays and have no guilt!

3.Avocado toast is all the rave these days, but we know how to spice it up! Here’s what you’ll need to make the tastiest breakfast ever.

+2 slices of wholewheat multi-grain bread

+half an avocado

+1/4 of a lemon

+2 eggs

Simply toast the bread and prepare the eggs in the way you prefer (scrambled, sunny side up, or even hardboiled). Once the bread is toasted, spread the avocado and spritz on some lemon. To top it off, place the eggs on top! This simple is meal is not only easy to prepare, but healthy and in season!

4.I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Ice cream is admittedly delicious, but there is a way for our kids to enjoy it while still being healthy! Try some “nice cream” which doesn’t have dairy or any added sugar (and takes advantage of our fresh summer fruits).

+2 frozen bananas

+2 cups of frozen peaches

+1 cup of orange juice

(serves 2)

We recommend chopping up the bananas before blending for a more smooth blend! After blending and dishing out the treat, feel free to top it off with granola, coconut flakes, or even some dark chocolate chips!

Try any of these easy options for a quick and delicious bite! LBA has always believed in making the healthy choice when it comes to meals and snacking. Chef José serves our children nutritional meals daily and we want to help continue that healthy trend at home! Feel free to share your summer recipes below, the more the merrier (and healthier)!



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