Springing into Gardening Season!

Spring has sprung at LBA! Even though there weren’t many April showers this season, May will still bring lots of flowers at Leap and Bound Academy! Every LBA location is participating in a collective gardening project this season where each class grows their very own plants. Have you seen any cups of dirt in your child’s classroom lately? Those dirt cups will soon turn into sprouts as LBA students learn to care for their plants with water and sunlight. Before spring is over, every student will have taken part in the growing of a flower, herb, or vegetable!

At the Torrance location, Ms. Dejahnae’s students are growing sunflowers and wildflowers in small cups on the patio in front of their classroom. The sunflower seeds are already beginning to grow sprouts!


Ms. Shama’s preschool class is growing Amaryllis, a very colorful and pretty flower similar to a lily. Right now the students’ Amaryllis plants are still bulbs, but they are growing quickly and will soon bloom into beautiful flowers with proper care and sunlight!




Over at the Redondo Beach location, Ms. Sue’s class is growing a variety of herbs and vegetables in a collective homemade garden! Armed with painted milk cartons acting as watering cans and plastic gloves to keep the germs away, Ms. Sue’s students eagerly planted their seeds!


And let’s not forget LBA’s MC location! Ms. Taregus’ students are planting a selection of annual plants. These type of flowers last for an entire year before dying, so they’re perfect for beginning gardeners! Each student planted their annual inside a cup filled with dirt, and Ms. Taregus helped them nourish their seeds with water.


Through this unique opportunity to create a garden within the classroom, LBA students are learning how to take care of plants responsibly and understand the basic science of growing an organism! We’ll keep you updated on our LBA gardeners as their plants continue to grow throughout the season!


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