Splash day fun!

As the sun beams and the temperatures soar, LBA welcomed the opportunity to break out the water hose for one of our more popular activities amongst the children, SPLASH DAY! After putting their bathing suits on, the children marched outside into the heat anticipating the cool feel of the water as it makes contact with their skin.

Water sprays over all the children

With the kiddie pools filled to the brim and the hose erupting with water, some ran straight into the water without hesitation, while others seemed to be a bit more timid. It didn’t take long for those who initially hung back to join in the fun with their friends. Teachers standing by could barely hear the pitter patter of the children’s feet over the abundance of cheerful screams and laughter coming from every direction.

Waiting for the water hose to rain down on them again
Running from the water hose

Of course, teachers were not dressed for the occasion, so they did their best to avoid the downpour of water jetting out of the hose. Still, that didn’t stop some of the kids from trying to make the teachers join in the festivities by splashing water in their direction or trying to hug them with their soaking wet bodies.

Chasing the water
Happy to be getting wet!

All and all, LBA beat the heat today with the help of a simple water hose. Rather than allow the heat to redden our faces and spoil our spirits, we used the power of water to save the day. Despite the heat, the children enjoyed the day with smiles on their faces and laughter in their bellies!

Drying off in the sun
So much fun splashing in the pool!

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