Sea Ya Later, Kindergarteners!

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Like fish in the deep blue sea, it’s time for Ms. Liliana’s kindergarten students to swim on to bigger and better things! But before leaving the walls of Leap and Bound Academy, the kindergarteners gave one final performance for their parents in the music room at the Torrance location on Tuesday. The students were eager to showcase the singing and dancing routines they had been practicing for weeks! As the kindergartners took the stage they were joined by a special guest, Mr. Daniel, to accompany the performance with his guitar. The summer performance theme for the kindergarten class was “under the sea”, so brightly colored ocean decorations surrounded the students as they began to sing.

One of the most unique songs of the kindergarten performance was a song performed using American Sign Language. Throughout the school year, Mr. Daniel had been giving Ms. Liliana’s class lessons in ASL to promote awareness and communication with disabled people. On Tuesday, the kindergarteners were able to showcase their newly learned knowledge of sign language by incorporating signs into the choreography of the song! This video clip of the song displays some of the signs the kindergarteners learned throughout the year!


Although many of the preschool classes sang the song “Down by the Bay” during their performances, Ms. Liliana’s kindergarteners put a more advanced touch on the familiar tune during their show. Each student in the class had a solo during the song! The students excitedly chanted their solo rhyme (like “have you ever seen a fly wearing a tie?”) before the song continued. The solos showed that Ms. Liliana’s kindergarteners were mature enough to express their individuality during the performance.

Another song in the performance that fit with the ocean theme was “Baby Beluga”! Ms. Liliana’s kindergarteners belted out the lyrics with their best singing voices for this performance!


If watching her kindergarteners give their end-of-the-year performance wasn’t enough excitement, it was also Ms. Liliana’s birthday on Tuesday! The class surprised her by singing “Happy Birthday” alongside Mr. Daniel’s guitar during the performance. Ms. Liliana smiled brightly as she watched her students join together in one final song before they graduated. LBA’s Torrance location will miss this year’s graduating class of kindergarteners as they move on to elementary school, but there’s an ocean full of opportunities ahead for them! Just keep swimming, kindergarteners! We’re so proud of all your hard work this year!



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