Sea Lab Spectacular


Yesterday, our LBA Torrance summer program took a field trip to the Redondo Beach Sea Lab to see, and touch all of the different species of fish and other aquatic life forms. The trip started with an introduction to the facilities from two of the ladies currently working there. They told us some interesting facts about the ocean and all of the creatures that live in it, and some instructions so we can all have fun and still be safe!

Our first stop was inside of the lab to learn all about sea stars and then to color some of our very own sea stars to take home and share with our families.

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 12.10.21 PM

After finishing making our sea stars, we all learned so much about sea stars! They told us about how they eat by throwing up their stomach and absorbing the food right into the stomach and how sea stars are able to regrow their lost limbs using the sea star equivalent of a heart. How interesting is that!


After finishing the sea star lesson, we went outside to see everybody’s favorite part, the touching tanks! Our group started off seeing the horn sharks. I know they sound scary and mean, but when you actually see them, they are some of the sweetest animals that you will ever meet!


After that we went and say a school of Mackerel swimming around in the big tank for all of us to look at!


Next came the sea anemone tank. That was especially fun because when you touch them they try and wrap around your finger and it feels really squishy and ticklish.


Then came the tank with the coolest member of the aquatic animal family, the sea bat! This nice creature swam up to us so we could pet his slippery skin and then splashed around making a great show for all of us.


We ended our trip by visiting the lobster tank and learning about their exoskeletons.


Sadly, after that it was time to go home. We are very grateful to the Sea Lab for letting us come and take a tour! Make sure to visit if your ever in Redondo Beach!





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