Santa Spotted at LBA!

‘Twas a few days before Christmas, and all through Leap and Bound Academy… students were whispering excitedly in anticipation for the arrival of a special visitor! The children cried out in delight when they heard a familiar “Ho, Ho,Ho!” echo through the halls. Santa Claus had arrived!IMG_0337 1.JPG

Throughout the morning of December 22nd, Santa paid a visit to each LBA location. His iconic red bag was slung over his shoulder, overflowing with gifts for the students. Santa was escorted by the staff to a special chair in front of a painted winter backdrop to deliver his presents. The students gathered around, some staring at him in awe and others more timid of the man in the red suit. One by one, Santa pulled a gift out of his bag and called the name of each child to come forward for a present and a photo. The students were overjoyed to receive a special present of their own!

Once each student had gotten a chance to meet Santa, it was time for him to hop back on his sleigh and return to the North Pole! But first, Santa wanted to visit each classroom one more time to say goodbye.


After Santa had gone, the children eagerly tore the wrapping paper from their gifts to reveal… new toys! Just like magic, each student had somehow gotten the gift they were hoping for! For the rest of the day, Leap and Bound Academy buzzed with excitement as the grateful children waited in anticipation for the upcoming night when they might glimpse Santa again.


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