Santa Claus comes to town!

It may not be Christmas eve yet, but for the students of LBA, Santa Claus was already in town. Santa Claus made a special trip from the North Pole just to spread some early Christmas joy to LBA. For many of the students, it wasn’t a surprise that Santa was coming. The anticipation of meeting him had been building since they heard the news that he was coming weeks prior. What they didn’t know was that Santa came with a special surprise for each and every one of them. Thanks to the parents, Santa had a gift specifically addressed to each child.

When Santa Claus walked in, the children had no idea. To them, he was just one of the many different adults that they see walk in and out. Of course, what they didn’t know was that this particular adult had the means to transform himself into Santa Claus. The husband of one of LBA’s very own office administration donned the iconic red and white suit, and made our students dreams come true. After a swift wardrobe change, Santa finally emerged and walked around the school to greet all the children. The smiles on the children’s faces seemed to stretch from here to the moon as you heard the echo of “Santa!!!” ringing form all across the school.




Santa completed his rounds, and then it was time for each class to get Santa all to themselves. Class by class, the children’s faces lit up when they got close to Santa. They patiently sat as Santa called them up one by one to sit on Santa’s lap and receive their special gift made in his workshop at the North Pole.







IMG-2618 - Copy






Ms. Kathryn’s class










Ms. Kassandra’s class


Ms. Taregus’ class

So many gifts, smiles, and dreams come true! Thank you for visiting LBA Santa Claus!


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