Safety First!

Fire is a dangerous and sometimes scary thing to deal with, even for adults! Today Ms. Liliana’s Redondo Beach kindergarten class learned about the importance of fire safety and covered precautions that a student should take at home and how to act at school during a fire. To introduce the students to the topic of fire safety, Ms. Liliana showed her students a video describing various ways on how to prevent a fire and what to do in case of a fire. The students took their places on the carpet and listened intently to the informative video.

The video explained to students how important it is to develop a plan and have emergency evacuation rations just in case you need supplies after a fire. Many students were upset when they found out that they had to leave their toys behind in a fire, but Ms. Liliana explained why and the students were soon understanding of the reasons.


After the introduction video finished Ms. Liliana also showed a video of firefighters putting out a fire and then finished with a sign along. The song was styled after wheels on the bus but replaced it with fire fighting related objects. Here is a short clip of the students signing along with the video.

After they finished the multiple videos and sing along the students returned to their seats for a worksheet. The worksheet was a fun interactive way to teach the students to avoid or use objects that possibly could start a fire in their home. Ms. Liliana went over the worksheet making sure the students understood why some objects you shouldn’t touch and others you can.


Kindergarten students will continue this week to learn more about fire safety and related topics. Also this Friday kindergaten students will have the opportunity to see a fire truck and learn more about fire safety from real firefighters who work at the Redondo Beach Fire Department.



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