!Punctuation! With Ms. Liliana

LBA students are always hard at work improving their knowledge and skills. This afternoon, Ms. Liliana’s kindergartners learned about sentence structure, including proper punctuation and capital letters. Using the whiteboard to write example sentences, Ms. Liliana taught her students that a sentence always starts with a capital letter and ends with a punctuation mark. Depending on the tone of the sentence, the punctuation could be a period, question mark, or exclamation point!


Ms. Liliana’s students have been practicing their writing skills all year, so learning the proper way to punctuate a sentence will make their writing look even more professional! Aware that students need plenty of practice to master a skill, Ms. Liliana passed out worksheets so her kindergartners could get used to these rules of sentence structure. The students also practiced more advanced skills like identifying if a group of words formed a complete sentence. The worksheet proved to be a rewarding challenge that tested the kindergartners’ previous knowledge while practicing skills from the new lesson.



The opportunity to learn advanced skills like proper sentence structure and composition is one of the reasons LBA’s kindergarten program is so unique. With a small student-teacher ratio, Ms. Liliana is able to assist each child individually if they have trouble understanding a concept, allowing the class to progress at a steady rate. Leap and Bound Academy’s Torrance kindergartners are accumulating knowledge that will make them well-equipped to handle the challenges of elementary school in the future!


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