Picture Math with LBA Kinders!

Today at LBA Torrance, Ms. Liliana creatively combined math, writing, and drawing skills into one fun lesson for her kindergartners! On the whiteboard, Ms. Liliana had written the following math problem:


“What important word should we focus on in this problem?”, Ms. Liliana inquired to her students.

“In all!”, one kindergartner said confidently, after raising her hand.

“And what does ‘in all” mean?”, Ms. Liliana pressed.

“Addition!”, the class exclaimed. But in order to solve the addition problem and complete the lesson, the kindergartners first had to copy the problem onto their papers. By reading the words on the board and copying them down, the students were able to practice their writing skills. Ms. Liliana also wrote the date on the board so her students could become more familiar with the correct punctuation for writing what day it is! Each student carefully wrote down the math problem in their best handwriting.


The students’ next step in the lesson was to solve the math problem by drawing a picture on their papers to help them count. Crayons were distributed around the room as the kindergartners scribbled pigs and piglets, eager to solve the addition problem. By counting the number of animals they had drawn, the students concluded that the answer to the problem was 15!


Ms. Liliana’s interactive lesson allowed each student to work at their own pace. While some kids were quickly able to solve the addition problem by counting on their fingers, others utilized the visual they had drawn to help them discover the solution. Although Ms. Liliana was always nearby to help if a student got stuck, many kindergartners used the skills they had learned to solve the problem independently.


And look how great the kindergartners’ pig pictures turned out!



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