Phonics with Ms. Michelle

“… ‘A’ is for Apple, Ah…Ah…Ah!”

Ms. Michelle and her lovely class spent their third day at the Redondo Beach school working on their writing skills! Even though the students are in a different classroom for the next three weeks, due to the flooding of the Torrance location, these kids are still energetic and ready to learn! Continuing her lesson plan from last week, Ms. Michelle had her students begin the exercise by copying three sentences from the board.


Once completed, the students practiced writing all twenty-six letters of the alphabet, in both upper and lower case, and then finished by writing their names.

After the students conquered and successfully practiced their wonderful writing techniques, Ms. Michelle tied in a lesson on sounding out the very letters they just wrote down! With the letters fresh in their minds, the students easily remembered the vowels that they learned back at Torrance. Phonics is sometimes a tricky subject because some letters, especially vowels, have different nuances in pronunciation. In order to easily teach her students to remember the different sounds of a specific letter, Ms. Michelle corresponded certain words that begin with either the “long” or “short” sound of the vowel, to its phonetic counterpart. To top it off, she created a catchy and ridiculously fun song to aid in memorization!


Following the focused, yet entertaining lesson on writing and phonics, Ms. Michelle diverted the students’ attention by proposing a challenge. The objective? To see which student could come up with the most words that corresponded to the “family” letters she put on the board. Starting off easy, Ms. Michelle put ‘AT’ on the board, and suddenly, ten voices began yelling! Almost as if they saw an animal.. or two… in the room! Fortunately, the only “cat” and “rat” in the room were the ones written on the board by Ms. Michelle. Every single student participated in the game, so everyone was a winner, and most importantly, happy.


With an immense amount of energy surging within the tiny bodies of Ms. Michelle’s students, she decided to calm them down by teaching them a few different species of sharks and then by reading some stories. The flashcards of sharks had a plethora of facts about a multitude of these really cool sea creatures, that immediately engaged the students, especially through the awesome pictures! Ms. Michelle felt that it was important for her students to understand some information on sharks, because the upcoming hurricane, “El Niño”, will soon bring in warm water that will attract many sharks to the ocean nearby.

After all the cards were absorbed into the minds of these future geniuses, they were ready for story-time! The rhymes by Dr. Suess sprouted giggles from every child, and even Ms. Michelle! They also allowed the students to listen to these crazy words and pronunciation too!


The clock’s hands ran faster than a hare, and it was soon time for clean-up and play-time! The students walked out of class smiling and joking, for today was another productive and super fun day.


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