Outside in Nature


What are the parts of a plant? What do plants need in order to grow? The kids in LBA’s summer program set out to find answers. They head to their teacher first, and by the end of the lesson the kids have learned to identify the leaves, the roots, and the stem of a plant. After this awesome discussion of how plants survive, the kids are given a worksheet to fill out that involves cutting, pasting, and writing – look at those preschoolers go! And more fun is up ahead. The kids get to paint six cups each for their flower pots.These little artists are intent on their painting.


As the “pots” dry, the kids memorize a poem about the life cycle of a plant and what the plant needs to live. Then when the clock strikes 1pm, the pots have dried and it’s time for the seeds to be planted. The kids loved what their teacher taught them, but they want to see for themselves what a plant needs to live, so they do what every preschooler does – conduct an experiment:


  • Add soil, a plant seed, and water to 2 cups
  • Place one in the sunny spot of the garden
  • Place the second in the classroom closet where it won’t be exposed to much light


  • Add a seed and water to 2 cups
  • Only place soil in ONE cup
  • Place both cups in a sunny spot of the garden


  • Add soil and a seed to 2 cups
  • Add water to only ONE cup
  • Place both cups in a sunny spot of the garden

Only one of the variables is changed in each experiment, so the kids get to see exactly what factors affect the plant’s growth. Each kid will get to prove what makes a plant grow. After being artist and scientists today,  every kid will get to find their own answers to that question: What do plants need in order to grow?



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