One-on-One Teaching with Ms. Taregus

As the chill winter air blew outside Leap and Bound Academy, Ms. Taregus and her students sat inside their warm classroom with pencils and paper in hand. Find out the special method Ms. Taregus used to teach her students their short vowel sounds…


“What is the short vowel sound of the letter ‘o’?”, she asked her class.

“Aw”, the students replied, mimicking the short vowel sound of the letter. Ms. Taregus used some examples of words with a short ‘o’ sound, such as “top” and “hop”.


Next, Ms. Taregus showed her class how to sound out the short vowel ‘u’. The students carefully filled in the words “sun” and “bus” on their worksheets. When teaching the short vowel sound of the letter ‘e’, Ms. Taregus pointed to the word r_d on the whiteboard and asked her students to try and fill in the blank.

One focused student carefully sounded out each letter. “Ruh-eh-duh”, she reasoned. “Red?”

“That’s right! Great job!”, Ms. Taregus said. “The short ‘e’ sound makes the word ‘red'”. The class proceeded to work through each short vowel sound: A, E, I, O, and U.IMG_8978.JPG

Throughout the lesson, Ms. Taregus gave each of her students the individual attention they needed. If a student was struggling to understand the concept, Ms. Taregus sat down with them one-on-one and sounded out each vowel. Leap and Bound teachers work hard to ensure that their students are taught the essential building blocks of learning, like letters and basic math, in order to thrive in elementary school. Because LBA prioritizes a comfortable learning environment, students feel entitled to ask questions and receive extra help from their teachers in order to master a new skill.


Once they had filled in the short vowel sounds for words like “hat” and “ten”, the students flipped their worksheets over to discover a more difficult assignment on the other side-adding these newly learned words to sentences! LBA students are challenged to apply classroom skills to real-world situations on a daily basis. These applications of knowledge help prepare students for higher levels of learning in the future.

The class completed the challenge with ease, adding a word that used a short vowel to each example sentence. With the help of Ms. Taregus’ one-on-one guidance and real-life applications, the LBA students could confidently recite their short vowel sounds by the end of the lesson!



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