On the third day of Winter performances…

Yesterday, families got to see amazing performances from Ms. Kathryn and Ms. Kassandra’s class.

Ms. Kathryn’s class performed their set wearing Santa hats personalized with their names. They looked so happy as the jingles played and they showed their families what they had been practicing for weeks. Their loved ones praised their efforts after every song, and the children completed their performance knowing that their families were smiling in the crowd.

Ms. Kathryn hugs a student before the show for a little encouragement
Ms. Kathryn hugs a student for a little encouragement


In the afternoon, Ms. Kassandra’s class stepped into the spotlight. They all got up on stage wearing reindeer hats and appeared very excited to put on a show. They dazzled the audience with their fun illustration of the songs lyrics.


What a lively performance! Thank you Ms. Kassandra’s class!



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