Ms. Taregus’ Class Climbs to Kindergarten

Dressed in royal blue gowns, donning royal blue caps, the kids who have enjoyed a year with Ms. Taregus journey out under the warm blue sky, to perform for their parents, to celebrate a wonderful year at LBA, to celebrate the culmination of a year of learning and leaping ahead, to celebrate the long climb to kindergarten.

The kids find their place on stage, forming a wave of royal blue, like the wave of anticipation building in the audience, and they recite a poem. The young voices inspire the audience as they proclaim: “When I grow up, I can be whatever I want to be.” Next the kids tell us that they are “ready to show you all [they] know,” as they recite their second poem. And the audience is excited to see what’s next.

The music comes on, and the kids sing loudly, fearlessly. “When it feels like everything is going wrong, sing a happy song.” The kids offer inspiration and hope. The last notes fade out, and the kids are ready for the next song, ready for “The Climb.”

“I gotta be strong, gotta keep pushing on.” The kids push the air, dancing to the beat.  “It ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side. It’s the climb.” The kids sing loudly, smiling for their audience. “I can almost see it…gotta keep my head held high…” Ms. Taregus’ class sings. This four-year-old class holds their heads high as they sing their third song, “Count on Me”, and as they look forward to moving up to kindergarten.

“Moving up, to kindergarten,” The class sings their final song: “Moving up.” Putting adorable dance moves to the catchy tune, the kids lift their voices in song and lift the hearts of the audience on the notes of that song. Smiles abound as Ms. Taregus’ class celebrates the climb to Kindergarten.

Ms. Taregus’ class finishes off the celebration of the climb to kindergarten with a potluck of pizza, meatball sliders, and veggies. Yum!

Congratulations Graduates and good luck as you climb on!


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