Ms. Ronda’s Class is Ready!

Sun shining bright. Mood so happy and light.

It’s a good day. Ms. Ronda’s class ready.

The kids line up, most wearing black and white.

March to the stage, smiles ready, nerves steady.


To the audience the young kids recite

A poem proclaiming confidence, hope,

Courage as they leap to their futures bright

Whatever comes we know these kids can cope


Ms. Ronda’s kids, they are ready to go

It’s a beautiful day, young voices sing

Do you remember? It’s another poem!

Complete with motions – Ms. Ronda’s kids spring


Jumping up, up, up. Up into the sky.

These LBA kids, they’re ready to fly.


Ms. Ronda’s class is certainly ready to fly. This four-year-old class gave a polished performance today, showing off the skills that they have been working hard on: reciting poems, dancing to the beat of “It’s a Beautiful Day,” “I’m Ready to Go,” and finally, “Moving Up.”

It really was a beautiful day, with the sun shining on Ms. Ronda’s kids and a breeze keeping everyone cool. The lyrics: “A beautiful day that’s just begun…a beautiful day just to be alive…and I want to share it with you,” show how lively, heart-lifting, and wonderful Ms. Ronda’s class’ performance was .

A poem later, the kids sang “I’m Ready to Go.” The audience laughed and smiled with the kids as the adorable voices sang: “My future’s looking good to me…I’m as ready as I can be.”

One more poem and then the kids were singing loudly, celebrating that they are “Moving Up” to kindergarten.

After the last song an intermission invaded the fun, but Ms. Kendra’s class kept everyone entertained until Ms. Ronda’s class marched back out in royal blue caps and gowns.

Each kid received their diploma, and then awards were handed out. Each and every student was honored for their own unique talents.

Overall, Ms. Ronda’s kids gave a stellar performance today, inspiring the audience and warming hearts with adorable songs and smiles. The performance and graduation today proved that these kids are ready for kindergarten, ready to leap up and fly!



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