Ms. Naheed’s Class Graduates!!

The clock hits 10:30, and Ms. Naheed’s two-year-old class heads out into the warm summer sun to prepare for the big performance that they’ve been working on for weeks.The stage is decorated with jungle animals and vines in the spirit of the animal-themed graduation. IMG_3354

A couple toddlers are nervous to be on stage, and a little scared to perform in front of people for the first time, but in the end every kid conquers their fears to put on a never before seen performance for their parents.

Ms. Naheed’s class starts off by dancing and singing to “Make Circle Song.” The kids join hands and march around the stage in a circle.


Shortly after the “Make Circle Song” sounds it’s last note, the class sits down on the jungle-themed stage and starts the song “Drivin’ In My Car.” The toddlers perform adorable driving and windshield wiper motions to go along with the lyrics.

Some of the kids love the “Drivin’ In My Car” song so much that they stand up in that warm summer sun to do the dance moves, singing happily into their parents’ cameras. 


The last song is “Slippery Fish,” a cute little number about a slippery fish who encounters an octopus,  who gets eaten by a tuna fish, who gets eaten by a great white, who finally gets eaten by a humongous whale. It is obvious that this catchy tune is by far the kids’ and parents’ favorite song. The children are giggling and smiling as parents’ cameras film the laughter and fun.

After the kids finish their last song, they head inside, into the cool classrooms, to celebrate their accomplishment with a delicious potluck! The Leap and Bound two-year-old class enjoys pizza, pasta, and of course, some yummy and healthy carrots. Overall, the parents, kids, and teachers all enjoyed Ms. Naheed’s class performance. Good work class and congratulations graduates!!!




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