Ms. Kendra’s Conquerers!

Their enthusiasm and energy is comparable to none. Donning self-decorated fish hats made of construction paper and glitter with a cartoon shark on the back, the 3 & 4 year-olds of Ms. Kendra’s class wait patiently, excited to perform on stage as their parents take a seat outside.The little ones file out on stage and stand in a straight line so their parents can see them. They start off with “Slippery Fish,” and the kids, and parents all love this song as much as previous classes have loved it. The kids enjoy performing this song, really getting into the dance moves and singing the lyrics.

When “Slippery Fish” ends with a big burp, Ms. Kendra’s class turns their hats around for the next song called, “Baby Shark.” The kids all squat down at first, mimicking the baby shark. The kids all wear smiles when the song ends, and the audience agrees that Ms. Kendra’s class performing “Baby Shark” is absolutely adorable .

The next song next song is about a jungle, an upbeat and groovy tune that matches the decorations on stage. The song after that is a pig song about a pig trying to find its own tail, and, as you can imagine… it is absolutely adorable. The audience is smiling and laughing, happy to see Ms. Kendra’s kids having a blast.

“Move It” comes on next. Yes, the “Move it” from the famous Madagascar. Each kid gets to show off their groovy moves and artistic skills. Some of the boys get down on the ground and break danced – toddler style. The audience smiles and enjoys Ms. Kendra’s performance and the fact that the kids have the opportunity to experiment with their own moves.

Two of the kids in Ms. Kendra’s class have conquered preschool and are ready for kindergarten. These two four-year-olds celebrate their time at LBA and their hope for the future with caps, gowns, and diplomas. The rest of Ms. Kendra’s kids watch and know that they also have conquered another year of preschool!

After the performance and ceremony, the kids head inside to celebrate with a delicious potluck. There is rice with veggies, tiny meatballs, spring rolls, and fruit. The kids and parents all had a great time. Congrats little conquerers!




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