Ms. Kathryn’s Little Monkeys Graduate!

It’s day two of graduation, and Ms. Kathryn’s two year old class starts off the morning graduation with a lively performance. The little ones are so excited to see their parents; they can’t wait to get on the stage to show off the skills that they’ve been working hard on for the past few weeks.

ms. kathryns grad

When the kids walk out on stage, the parents cheer and everyone is excited to see the toddlers perform, anticipating seeing the toddlers learn to shine on stage, learn to stand confidently in front of a crowd, and learn to dance and sing for their parents.

The toddlers start out with the famous, universally known classic “Chicken Dance” song. The little ones are nervous at first, but they love the famous lyrics: “I don’t wanna be a chicken, I don’t wanna be a duck…” and they add some enthusiastic dance moves, flapping their arms like a chicken and dancing in a circle.

The second song hits it’s first note and Ms. Kathryn’s class moves form the “Chicken Dance” to “Shake Your Sillies Out.” The tiny tots are definitely shaking, wiggling, jumping, and dancing all their sillies out to this fun song. The tiny faces and movements inevitably bring smiles to the audience with their absolute cuteness. Some of the little performers had tons of fun shaking their sillies out.


Last but not least, the music for “Five Little Monkeys” blasted into the air and everyone was excited for this classic nursery rhyme! The little toddlers jumped around like little monkeys to the words, “Five little monkeys jumping on the bed…” The kids scratched and danced like little monkeys until the music stopped and everyone headed inside for the potluck.

Inside they enjoyed pizza, pasta, and some tasty, nutritious broccoli to celebrate a wonderful year at Leap and Bound Academy!





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