Ms. Dinah’s Class Dominates the Stage at Graduation!

The afternoon sun shines brightly on Ms. Dinah’s class with their cheetah print jungle costumes as the four-year-old class marches onto the stage.

Ms. Dinah’s students find their places and start their first song, “Son of man.” Their voices gain confidence as they perform the song they have perfected through long practice: “Oh the power to be strong and the wisdom to be wise..look to the sky. Lift your spirit, set it free…for all to see.” Two kids in front join hands and bow to the audience’s applause.

The joyous smiles shine bright like that afternoon sun as Ms. Dinah’s class moves on to singing “Tarzan boy.” The four-year-old class’ dance moves display coordination as skilled as Tarzan swinging from vine to vine as they perform the moves – jumping and turning and pointing. “Tarzan boy” slows to a stop and the next song vibrates through the air.

“Whatever you do, I’ll do it too…I just know there’s something bigger out there…Beyond the trees above the clouds…I see a new horizon.” The young voices sing to the beat of “Stranger’s like me” and the audience knows that the kids are ready for something bigger, ready for new horizons as they leave Ms.Dinah’s class and a wonderful year at LBA.

The music changes and then they are singing “You’ll be in my heart.” Their adorable faces and dance moves as they point to the audience warm the hearts of those who get to watch. And then…

The energetic four-year-old class sings that they are “Moving Up.” Ms. Dinah’s class, the class that dominated the stage at graduation, is moving up to kindergarten!

They change into their royal blue gowns and caps to be handed their diplomas on the stage that they dominated earlier with their dance moves. After pictures and diplomas, it’s time to celebrate!! The kids go inside for a potluck of pizza, cookies, and watermelon. With smiles, cheers, and full tummies, Ms. Dinah’s class is ready to move up to kindergarten. Congratulations Ms. Dinah’s class!


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