Ms. Dejahnae’s Preschoolers Move on Up!

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Watermelon banjos and dinosaur hats. These are the crafts Ms. Dejahnae’s class created to accompany their royal blue caps and gowns for graduation. These colorful props were hastily adjusted Monday morning as parents and family members began to arrive at LBA’s Torrance location for the first graduation ceremony of the year! Ms. Dejahnae’s class was tasked with kicking off graduation week in an exciting fashion. As they formed an orderly line to begin the ceremony, the students were chattering excitedly about their futures in kindergarten.

Family members snapped photos as Ms. Dejahnae’s class took the stage on the blacktop of Torrance’s playground. Although the students resembled distinguished scholars with their gowns and tasseled caps, the watermelon banjos and dinosaur crowns provided a more lighthearted spirit. After all, high school graduation was still far off in the future for these soon-to-be kindergarteners!

The first song of the performance ceremony was a rendition of “Down by the Bay”. Ms. Dejahnae’s class enthusiastically played air-guitar on their watermelon crafts while singing along to the familiar melody.


Ms. Dejahnae’s students also performed a song called “We’re Not Afraid” where they pretended to be exploring a jungle. The song created feelings of excitement and adventure and was entertaining to watch as the children acted out different parts of the story.

Finally, it was time for the final, and most heartfelt, song of the graduation ceremony. Ms. Dejahnae’s class joined in singing “We’re Moving Up to Kindergarten”, which brought some tears to the eyes of their parents and family members in the audience. The song was full of high energy and enthusiasm, yet it served as a heartwarming reminder that these young preschoolers were about to embark on an exciting educational journey.


Once the singing and dancing had concluded, it was time for the official graduation procession. The students lined up in alphabetical order and awaited their name to be announced by Ms. Mary. Each child walked across the grass to a tearful Ms. Dejahnae, who handed them their preschool diploma and proudly shook the hand of each new graduate. It was with a heavy heart that Ms. Dejahnae sent her class off into the world of kindergarten, but everyone in the audience knew that these LBA alumni had a bright future ahead!


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