Monkeying Around on Chinese New Year!

Ms. Liliana’s kindergartners not only celebrate holidays, but also learn important cultural and historical background information about each special occasion. In this way, LBA students are able to accumulate a greater knowledge of other cultures to help make them more accepting and open-minded people in the future!

Today in Ms. Liliana’s class the kindergartners learned about Chinese New Year! The class viewed a Powerpoint and watched a short video about the history of the special holiday. Students born in 2009 discovered that they symbolize the year of the ox, while 2010 birthdays are tigers. The kindergartners learned other Chinese New Year traditions, too, like children getting red envelopes filled with money or annual parades featuring dragon costumes and fireworks.


After watching the informative video, the kindergartners were in the mood to celebrate! The classroom buzzed with energy as the excited students discussed the holiday. A few of the students’ families were even throwing parties back home to celebrate the new year! Each student received a paper monkey mask to decorate and keep for the rest of the day. When Ms. Liliana passed out Chinese New Year-themed addition worksheets, the room was soon full of head-scratching monkeys doing math.


Once solved, the simple addition problems on the students’ worksheets revealed directions on how to color a special picture. The exciting task proved both challenging and fun as the kindergartners began to color their mystery pictures. Can you guess what the picture revealed?


There was plenty of monkeying around today in Ms. Liliana’s kindergarten class!


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