Math is Sweet for LBA Kinders

Today, LBA kindergartners experienced the sweet satisfaction of learning new math skills! Since February is a heartfelt month, Ms. Liliana decided to incorporate candy hearts into her students’ math lesson. Each child received a box of the crunchy treats as they eagerly anticipated their assignment. Ms. Liliana handed out sheets of paper, instructing her kindergartners to count their pastel hearts and graph the amounts of each color they found in the box. The excited students dumped out their colorful candies and began enthusiastically sorting the hearts.

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Ms. Liliana helped her hardworking students learn to analyze and evaluate the information they were collecting. She sat down with one of her students to help him understand the purpose of making a bar graph.

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“Which of these colors had the most hearts?”, Ms. Liliana inquired.

“Blue,” the student answered, “There were seven hearts.”

“Right!”, Ms. Liliana explained, “That’s why blue has the most colored squares on the graph”.

By utilizing candy hearts as a visual, Ms. Liliana taught her students the important skills of transferring numbers to a graph and reading data. But the kindergartners’ lesson wasn’t over yet! Ms. Liliana gave her students another worksheet that focused on patterns. The kids lined up their candy hearts in rows, coloring in the patterns the hearts made on their papers.

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Students¬†learn best in different situations; some prefer to listen to instructions, while others need to visualize a concept in order to understand it. Ms. Liliana’s kindergartners were able to better understand new math skills- like bar graphs and color patterns- thanks to the aid of a sweet hands-on box of candy hearts!



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