Mardi Gras Festivities!

Today, Ms. Liliana’s kindergartners learned about the meaning and importance of Mardi Gras! The class sat together in a group as Ms. Liliana presented a Powerpoint with information about this annual celebration. They learned that Mardi Gras means “fat tuesday” and is an annual feast and celebration in New Orleans before the beginning of fasting during Lent. Every year, the city of New Orleans hosts parades and festivals to honor this historical holiday. To celebrate Mardi Gras, people often wear beads and masks of purple, green, and gold. Ms. Liliana’s students each made their own mask to celebrate!


One tradition in New Orleans during Mardi Gras is for people to throw colored beads from balconies into the crowds below. To mimic this celebration, the kindergarten class went outside wearing festive Mardi Gras masks they had made earlier. The class lined up and Ms. Liliana threw a beaded necklace to each student!


All good lessons include a review of previously learned skills, so Ms. Liliana’s class worked on a Mardi Gras activity worksheet when they returned to the classroom. The worksheet helped students practice their writing and reading skills by examining the word “mask” and identifying its consonants and vowels. The activity helped students apply their previous knowledge to new concepts, like the holiday Mardi Gras!

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Ms. Liliana always structures her lessons so that her kindergartners can apply their previously learned skills to new concepts. This way, LBA students are constantly improving and becoming more knowledgeable. Today, the celebration of Mardi Gras proved to be an excellent learning opportunity!


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