Magnificent Sea Creatures


There is nothing that comes close in the deep blue sea to be as beautiful as the Leatherback Sea Turtle. These magnificent sea creatures are the largest of all turtle species, they can be four to eight feet in length and weigh between 500 and 2000 pounds! They are considered to be a “founding father” of the turtle species, due to it being found over 150 million years ago!


To start their art activity after the completion of their journals, Kindergarten students watched an informational cartoon by the “Octonauts” (A great cartoon for young students to learn about the various things living in the ocean) about how they live. After the video was finished the students took their seats and waited for instruction to start their daily arts and crafts project. Ms. Liliana let the students begin on making their very own Leatherbacks!! The students had to cut, color, and design the turtle’s shell with tissue paper pieces.


For your enjoyment here are some fun facts about Leatherback Sea Turtles:

  1. Leatherbacks have the ability to consume twice their body weight every day!
  2. The name “Leatherback” comes from their shell rather being hard and stiff it is smooth and almost feels like leather!
  3. In the last two decades almost 90% of the population has been wiped out due to being caught in commercial fishing equipment and also because pollution such as plastic bags and soda cans can be confused for fish! 🙁
  4.  Most Leatherbacks live along sandy beaches with lots of vegetation, due to when mating season comes around it is easier for the mothers to lay their eggs in the protected vegetation.

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