M Is For…?


How many “M” words can you think of? This exercise is probably easy for you since you are able to read this blog post right now, but for Ms. Tigi’s preschool students this exercise is a challenging activity. Luckily, Ms. Tigi knows how to make learning letters fun and engaging! She helped her preschoolers make crafts representing objects that start with the letter “M”. See if you can spot them all in this picture:


There’s a monkey, a mask, a mitten, a mother, a mop, the moon, a mug, money, and more! Even the letter “M” next to the mitten is decorated with macaroni pasta noodles… which also start with “M”! These crafts are so cute and creative – each one was made using different materials and the students were able to use their imaginations to think of “M” words and decide how to make them.


Ms. Tigi’s students love having their picture taken!

Aside from being a fun activity for the kids, Ms. Tigi’s craft allowed her preschool students to engage in a specific letter of the alphabet and master it. The finished crafts were able to provide a visual representation of words that start with “M”, giving Ms. Tigi’s students the ability to recognize these “m” words in real life! And the finished crafts look Magnificent! Or Marvelous? You get the idea 🙂




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