Look what LBA Kinders Wrote in their Journals!

After a much needed afternoon of rain showers, the clouds over LBA’s Torrance location finally parted to reveal the bright sun once more! Ms. Liliana’s kindergarten class was warm and dry inside their classroom, and on this Friday afternoon they were writing in their journals. Leap and Bound Academy kindergarteners keep their minds active by practicing math, writing, and drawing in their journal entries. Ms. Liliana wrote today’s challenge on the board in bold letters:



The kindergartners wasted no time copying down the words and beginning to solve the problem. Ms. Liliana makes journal entries a routine for her students, making them accustomed to the application of reading, writing, and basic math in everyday life. First, the students copy Ms. Liliana’s problems into their journals. They focus on writing each sentence with prosper form and punctuation.


Next, the students ponder the subtraction problem embedded in the paragraph. The problem reads, “Ms. Liliana has 15 pencils. 6 pencils break. How many are left?”. One of the methods that Ms. Liliana uses to teach her students subtracting is visual counting. In their journals, the kindergartners draw and color a creative picture to help them solve the problem. One student was unsure how to draw a pencil- the three dimensional shape can be a bit tricky. Ms. Liliana suggested that she draw a rectangle and then a triangle on top, with a semicircle for the eraser!


Drawing a picture of the subtraction problem helped most of Ms. Liliana’s students visualize the problem and solve it with ease. By combining math, writing, and reading skills into one journal lesson, Ms. Liliana is helping her students learn to apply their knowledge in everyday situations!


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