Lights, Camera, Smiles!

It’s time for Leap & Bound Academy’s annual visit from CL!X Portrait Studios! CL!X (pronounced “clicks”) comes to us every year to craft pictures of all our students, as well as the teachers and faculty. The CL!X team transforms one classroom at each school into a photography studio for a memory-making morning.

We invite CL!X to take pictures for us because it helps keep our work going smoothly. They set up their home base and we help each child get ready to jump in when it’s their turn. On each visit, the camera crew gets in and out in 3 hours flat- about 2 minutes per person. By having skilled, efficient people doing the photography, we are able to proceed with the school day as usual at the same time.


When it comes to working with children, common challenges tend to arise around attention, cooperation, and comfort. Children don’t always care about the same things we adults do. This is especially true when the adult in question hasn’t gotten to form a long-time relationship with the children like our teachers have.

CL!X specializes in child and family photography, so these challenges are no strangers to them, and no match for them. Using a combination of prepared tools and communication skills,  the photo crew manages to let the children ease into the situation comfortably, navigate issues of personal space, direct their attention to the camera, and keep them entertained enough to get a nice smile.


CL!X is professional, efficient, and knows how to work with children. If you’re looking for someone to set up a private session, we highly recommend you check them out.


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