Learning About Our Community

In a community there are many important jobs that unite it together such as Policemen, Fire Fighters, Doctors, Lifeguards, and so many more. The students in Ms. Liliana’s Redondo Beach kindergarten class learned about the various jobs that bring a community together.


The class started with students taking their assigned spots on the carpet and getting ready for their daily activity which was a short video that gave the students information about what a doctor does and doesn’t do. Although the video’s main focus was on a doctor’s job, it also mentioned other common jobs such as policemen and fire fighters and what they do. After the video concluded Ms. Liliana had the students follow up with a worksheet that required the students to match a job with the tools that they would you use (Matching a Firefighter with a fire hydrant and a police officer to a police car). The students were excited to dive deeper into the various careers that they had learned about earlier in the week.


Along with the video and worksheet, the students had an art project where the would create their own doctor’s bag. The project consisted of cutting a briefcase out of construction and paper then gluing a red cross along with writing their names across the front. The students were eager to share their projects with their fellow class mates and teacher.


Throughout the week students have learned about different careers that build our community, and many students expressed interest in the various jobs. Although they are at a young age, the knowledge they have gained could guide them into their future careers. LBA hopes that these small lessons will develop our students into bright and outgoing people that will guide them into a quality life long career.



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