Leap and Bound Students Get their Hands Dirty

What is our Earth made of? Today at the Leap and Bound Academy Medical Center, Ms. Dinah’s class discovered the answer in a hands-on activity. Ms. Dinah began the lesson by reading a book about the Earth to her class of 4 and 5 year old students, explaining that our world is made up of water, rocks, oxygen, and dirt. She passed around some rock samples to help her students understand that all rocks have different colors, shapes, and textures.


After learning about rocks and dirt, Ms. Dinah told her students they would have the chance to take the lesson outside and collect some samples of their own! With plastic bags in hand, the class eagerly ventured out to the sunny playground. The students filled their bags with dirt samples from the sunflower garden. Some kids even found a few rocks to add to their collection!


After returning to the classroom, Ms. Dinah’s class began their Earth project, making use of the samples they had collected out in the yard. The kids drew circles on their pieces of paper, then covered the circles with glue and added their soil samples on top. Ms. Dinah helped each student shake off the excess dirt on their papers, revealing the finished project- their very own planet!


Hands-on lessons like Ms. Dinah’s Earth Day project are not only fun for students, but a great way to help them retain the information that they have learned. It is much easier for kids to remember a lesson if they get to actively participate in the activity! One student going home for the day excitedly told her parent, “We learned about the Earth today! We went outside and found dirt!”. Life lessons, it seems, can be learned in your own backyard.







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