Leap and Bound Academy takes the Sea Lab

DSC_0024Something smells fishy! Oh wait, it’s just all the fish at the Sea Lab that Ms. Liliana’s kindergarten class got to see. Ms. Liliana’s class got to take an eventful field trip to the Sea Lab for the morning and they had so much fun!

The day started by boarding the bus (a bus with seat belts because Leap and Bound Academy believes safety comes first). Right when the group arrived, students began to survey the different fish in the pond while waiting for the guide. Trying to spot the orange one or the “shark fish” as they called it was the challenge!

DSC_0058The tour began by taking a little walk out to the beach. Students frolicked in the warm sand and out to meet the guide to go treasure hunting. Students used sifters to find their very own treasures such as shells and rocks. It was a peaceful way to start of the day, who doesn’t love the beach on such a beautiful day?

DSC_0022When the group returned to the Sea Lab, they listened to a story about the starfish. Then students went to sit down to color in their very own starfish. After learning the material, LBA believes that art is a good way to express student’s newly acquired knowledge.

DSC_0083After picking up the crayons and putting together their masterpieces, students went over to the scientist’s table. The table had dried star fishes and magnifying lenses so students could study real star fishes. Our little scientists did a great job at understanding the features of our fishy friends!

DSC_0092Finally, it was time to actually see and touch the fish. Students walked out to the tanks to see all types of fish. From being able to touch the anemones to petting the bat ray stingray, it was all very thrilling. Students were more than excited to dip their hands in the water and see the ocean’s creatures.

DSC_0138At last, it was time to eat some lunch and head on back to LBA. Students were sad to leave the home of so many ocean creatures. However, the little ones were exhausted and excited to return to LBA when it was nap time. Our little adventurers not only left the Sea Lab with knowledge, but with new friendships because they were able to spend quality time with their pals!


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