Leap and Bound Academy Makes Waves

FullSizeRender-5Leap and Bound Academy’s students are making waves! Today Ms. Lily’s kindergarten class jumped into learning ocean terminology in a creative way! Students watched an educational video and then went on to work on some ocean inspired artwork.

Any student of LBA’s lives in a close proximity to the ocean and needs to be aware of it’s features and the animals that call it home. Additionally, understanding what covers over 70% of our planet is an essential learning moment. Students at LBA are always learning important lessons, even when they are enjoying themselves during art projects. Here at LBA we are all about learning with smiles on our faces!

Ms. Lily’s class had been working on crab illustrations a day prior to the ocean lesson. However, even prior to the lesson students were showing curiosity and creating masterpieces that deserve a frame! Today Ms. Lily showed the little ones the Scholastic video “Ocean of Life”. The short yet engaging video discussed the features and animals that lived in all different parts of the ocean.

First, Students learned about the shoreline. They learned about the seals that rest in the sand and the barnacles that latch onto the rocks. Then they learned about the open ocean which consists of scary sharks, jumping dolphins, and even frightening jelly fish. Finally, they learned about the deep ocean which has some funky looking creatures living down in it, ever heard of a Christmas Tree Worm?

After the video, the little ones decided to apply their newly acquired knowledge and complete another project. First students had to decide if the given animals lived on the land or ocean and then they had to color to their heart’s desire! Do we have the next Picasso amongst us at LBA? Well, we’ll have to find out later, but overall the projects were spectacular!

We’re so proud of our student for another successful day of learning, but we think they would considering it playing because it was that much fun! It’s a shore thing that LBA will deliver a quality and entertaining lesson everyday during our summer program and throughout the year! Sea you tomorrow!


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