LBA’s Hat Day!

imageCowboy hats, derby day hats, baseball hats, hiking hats…you’ve heard of lots of hats. But what about homemade hats? Today Ms. Taregus’s class made their own hats!

Colored paper and a little creativity was all it took for these kids to make their own fun hats on hat day!

From the crowns of ancient rulers to the fun crafts the kids wear, hats have been around for millennium and really do play an important role in the world.  They serve to protect precious heads and to guard us against the sun.  Hats are something we rarely ever notice, something we always use. What are some other things in life that we use every day but never truly appreciate? After all, what would we do without hats to protect us as we ride a bike a horse or a motorcycle, to protect us from the sun’s striking rays. Every hat has a purpose: cowboy hats, derby day hats, baseball hats, hiking hats, even homemade hats. Which hat will you wear today?


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