LBA Winter Performance – Toddler Class

Tis the season for winter performances at LBA. Ms. Djoni and Ms. Malak’s toddler class kicked off the season of joy with their performance of Baby Shark, Jingle Bells, and We Wish You a Merry Christmas. After weeks of practicing, the toddler class donned their santa claus hats and marched out to their singing debut. They were a walking sea of red as they strolled past their parents, and onto the stage to wait for their cue.



Ready or not, the music blared from the speakers and the parents in the audience pressed play on their recording devices. They looked on with happy hearts as their children bounced and swayed to the Christmas jingles.







There was a lot more dancing than singing, and the audience just ate it up. The kids are too young to know it yet, but just standing on stage in their holiday attire would’ve been enough to bring smiles to their families faces just because of how cute they are. After they wished the audience a merry Christmas, the parents gave their kids praise and applause, and the children were so excited to embrace their parents.  The toddler class did a great job! Thanks to Ms. Djoni and Ms. Malak for all of their hard work.






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