LBA tea party!

New experiences are always exciting! We know most kids love juice and milk, but what about tea? Today, our students had a party. Not just any kind of party…a tea party! To most, if not all of them, tea was a foreign drink. They looked on with bright curiosity as their teacher steeped the tea packet in their cup of water. It was a fruit flavored tea, so it made the water turn red. The color was definitely a bit deceiving. It might have made the children think it would taste like cherry or strawberry, but us adults know tea has a very distinct taste. Despite knowing it was tea, some were eager to try it and others were a bit more hesitant, but eventually they all took the leap and tried it. The taste received mixed reviews, but for the most part Ms. Taregus’ class liked it, and they had a great time at their tea party.IMG-4692 IMG-4690 IMG-4688 IMG-4682 IMG-4679


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