In the words of chef Auguste Gusteau, “anyone can cook”. Yesterday, our students had the opportunity to showcase their inner little chef. With pizza on the menu for lunch, it was up to the students to help make dough from scratch, and cover it with sauce and toppings. Ms. Kathryn’s, Ms. Inoka’s, Ms. Alexis’, and Ms. Taregus’ classes merged together essentially creating their very own in house pizzeria.IMG-5263 IMG-5284 IMG-5286 IMG-5273 IMG-5299 IMG-5276IMG-5306

The students loved being hands on,  kneading their dough, and putting on the toppings.

IMG-5308 IMG-5315 IMG-5307 IMG-5311 IMG-5314 IMG-5333 IMG-5335 IMG-5336There were smiles and excitement all around. The students and their stomachs certainly enjoyed pizza day. IMG-5320 IMG-5327 IMG-5330 IMG-5321 IMG-5340 IMG-5328 IMG-5364 IMG-5358 IMG-5359 IMG-5361 IMG-5353


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