LBA Kinders Spell their Way to Success!

Every Friday, Ms. Liliana’s kindergartners take a spelling test to increase their vocabulary and spelling skills. To help her students prepare for their upcoming test, Ms. Liliana wrote the weekly spelling words on the board today and instructed her class to create sentences that included each new word. This week’s theme is color words- red, purple, blue, and everything in between! By grouping spelling words into different themes each week, Ms. Liliana simultaneously helps her students practice their spelling and vocabulary while reviewing concepts such as colors. Ms. Liliana wrote two example sentences on the whiteboard for her students to use as a guide.

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The kindergartners immediately put their creative minds to work trying to think of sentences that incorporated their colorful spelling words. As always, Ms. Liliana was nearby to check her students’ progress and point out the occasional spelling error. If some of her students struggled to structure their sentences, Ms. Liliana sat with them and helped sound out letters to form words. Because of LBA’s small class sizes, Ms. Liliana can ensure that no student falls behind during a lesson.

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Ms. Liliana exposed her kindergarten class to their weekly spelling words early in the week so the students could learn to sound out the words and become more comfortable applying them in sentences. With all the hard work they put in today, Ms. Liliana’s kindergartners are on track to ace their spelling tests on Friday!

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