LBA Hosts Innovative Teacher Training Seminar!


Although Leap and Bound Academy schools were closed to students on Friday, June 30th, the Medical Center location was anything but empty! Teachers, staff, and administrators from every LBA school gathered at MC for a day-long teacher training seminar. The morning began with breakfast and teachers were divided into groups based on the age of students they educate. Each group had an organized list of seminars they would be attending for the day, taught by LBA staff members, teachers, and some special guests speakers.

Mr. Rodney, LBA’s in-house IT technician, gave a presentation on using technology in the classroom. He taught our teachers how to use ScratchCat, an iPad program designed to teach children the basics of coding. Ms. Dinah thought the program was “very cool”, and learned how to program her digital cat to move around and say hello! Mr. Rodney guided the teachers step-by-step through both the ScratchCat program and general “netiquette” (proper online behavior) so that our LBA educators will be fully prepared to teach students the basics of coding in the upcoming school year!


Ms. Dinah learns to code with ScratchCat


Mr. Rodney reviews online “netiquette” with LBA teachers


Outside on the patio, Ms. Tyana was conducting a small group seminar with fellow toddler teachers; the presentation focused on activities aimed to engage two-year-olds in the classroom and with one another. Ms. Tyana guided the teachers through a parachute activity to help young students memorize the names of their classmates.


Ms. Angela smiles at the camera during the toddler seminar

After introductions, Ms. Tyana guided the LBA teachers through a series of interactive crafts designed to help toddler students improve their motor skills while learning the alphabet! The teachers created their own pineapple finger painting crafts as an example, which would help their toddlers learn the letter “p”.


“p” is for pineapples… and painting!

Ms. Kathie, an early childhood services specialist at the Harbor Regional Center, was onsite at LBA presenting a special seminar titled “Behavior in the Classroom”. The Harbor Regional Center focuses on providing support for toddlers at risk of having developmental disabilities; Ms. Kathie’s presentation adapted those philosophies and methods into a classroom environment. Her seminar helped LBA teachers review conflict management and emotional support for students.


Ms. Kathie introduces a puppet method to help comfort students

In another classroom inside, Ms. Erin and Ms. Victoria had set up chairs in a circle and were leading an open discussion on customer service and conflict resolution. Teachers were given scenarios in either classroom settings or with parents and practiced correctly responding to each situation. Every teacher and staff member engaged in the activity, openly discussing their approaches to each scenario. Together, the staff members found solutions to each problem while upholding LBA’s core values.


LBA staff discuss conflict resolutions

Ms. Mary, director of LBA’s Torrance location on Palos Verdes Boulevard, was outside with a group of teachers specializing in 3-year-old children. Ms. Mary’s presentation focused on teaching children at this age the beginnings of reading and writing uppercase and lowercase letters. With over twenty years of experience as a teacher, Ms. Mary had plenty of tips and tricks to share with LBA teachers on how best to teach and engage toddlers. The group discussed social skills, phonics, and writing in a classroom environment.

Ms. Mary shares examples of activities for 3-year-old students

Throughout the day, Ms. Victoria and Chef Jose provided delicious food and beverages for our hardworking teachers and staff. For lunch, Chef Jose even barbecued his own steak on the patio to make tri-tip sandwiches!


Avocado Toast- a morning snack option!




Afternoon snack- fresh fruit, pita bread, and hummus



Thank you, Chef Jose!





Good lookin’ food!

If you were wondering why LBA closed its doors for the day on June 30th, now you know that our teachers and staff were still busy! Everyone was hard at work learning new techniques and skills to ensure that all of our students receive a quality education. Because here at Leap & Bound Academy, “Safety, Fun, and Learning” will always be our top priorities for your child.





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