Kongrats Ms. K

Yesterday marked the first of our seven graduation ceremonies for our Redondo Beach location. Ms. K’s three year old class was the first to become distinguished alumni from Leap and Bound Academy.


As with every graduation ceremony at LBA the class, with a little help from the teacher, sings and dances to a collection of songs based around our company wide theme, this years’s theme being animals.

Ms K’s first song was a real show stomper as the kids marched around like dinosaurs to the tune of We Are the Dinosaurs. After that they fun continued with a rendition of Walking in the Desert. Next came a performance of Five Little Monkeys. Lastly, our graduates finished up their ceremony by singing and dancing to the classic nursery rhyme Five Little Speckled Frogs, and if you look close enough you can see those five speckled frog’s cousins, the five multi-colored frogs on their own speckled log in our own Leap and Bound jungle.


Even though all of the songs had came to an end, the celebration was far from over for Ms. K’s graduating class. The fun began with photoshoots for all of the families that want countless memories of their child’s last day as a three year old in Ms.K’s class. Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 10.05.19 AM.png

After all of the families finished with all of their photos it wast time to go inside for another Leap and Bound tradition, the potluck! On special occasions, such as graduations and holidays, we host either school wide or individual class potlucks to celebrate these amazing days. Leap and Bound families bring their own food to share with the entire, so everyone has an opportunity to try a new and delicious recipe.

We hope everyone enjoyed Ms. K’s graduation ceremony as much as we did and congratulations to our Leap and Bound Academy graduates of 2016!

If you missed the performance click here to see all of the highlights!


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